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15 January 2008 @ 18:35
Torchwood iv remit  
Subject to clearance by our lovely lovely mod.

Torchwood 4 aims and objectives:
  • To get to contact sites or crash sites before other organisations. In some cases this will include other Torchwood teams.
  • To research alien cultures and technologies through study of their physical remains. This includes artefacts and aliens themselves.
  • This research is for the good of the UK, and where appropriate other countries
  • This research will be used to further our own technology and for the defense of the UK and the world from any potential alien threat.
  • Our final aim is to gain an interview with the alien "Time Lord" known as "The Doctor".

Our aims do not include eliminating alien threats. Where appropriate details will be left anonymously with Torchwood 3 or UNIT so that they can deal with any threat. Our aims are purely research based.

To this end, we welcome applications from anyone whose background will aid in furthering our aims and objectives. So far this includes a biologist, an archaeologist and an aerodynamicist. Which other skills am I adding to the list?

- Captain StevieSun
Smitty: mini jackaeshna_uk on 15th January 2008 19:04 (UTC)
Our aims do not include eliminating alien threats.

AWWWWW!!! C'mon, I've brought this Bloody Great Gun along specially. What's the point in giving all the fun stuff to Cardiff and the idiots in the berets? ;)

And why do we want to talk to the obnoxious little runt in the pinstripes? He always leaves a huge bodycount behind him whenever he shows up, which makes him an alien threat in my book! **cuddles Bloody Great Gun**

(PS - am a research biologist)
steviesun: T4steviesun on 16th January 2008 11:34 (UTC)
Sadly it's part of the original remit of Torchwood to what to deal with the Doctor. As is, perhaps we'd be best off trying to convince him to stop appointing himself "saviour of the planet earth".

And as for leaving things for Torchwood 3 when things are actually dangerous. It's part of being superior to them (we do all the real work, we just let them think they're made of win) and also to help preserve our being secret. If we go chasing after alien threats then we're bound to clash with them at some point.

But you can still carry the gun. When we go to gather stuff to research you never know what might still be lurking around. We need protection, and big guns sometimes work.

Edited at 2008-01-16 11:36 (UTC)
Dunedune_drd on 15th January 2008 19:22 (UTC)
If you happen to stumble over the guy in pinstripes, shove him down into my lab immediately. I need a lot of answers...
Smitty: lesser weevilaeshna_uk on 15th January 2008 19:25 (UTC)
Do you need him for interrogation or will an autopsy do? It's worth knowing these things.... 0:)
Dunedune_drd on 15th January 2008 19:41 (UTC)
I'd prefer a good long talk. Could save me years of research
steviesun: T4steviesun on 16th January 2008 11:37 (UTC)
Just don't forget that it might take the whole team if we catch him . . .
steviesun: T4steviesun on 16th January 2008 11:35 (UTC)
Might take something more secure. And since he is an alien and all, I believe that there's a special cage for him in the zoo somewhere. I'd had to check the plans of the hub to be sure.

Edited at 2008-01-16 11:36 (UTC)
jadesfire2808: Writing - pencilsjadesfire on 15th January 2008 20:56 (UTC)
You can add a Classicist and librarian to the list.* Librarians are *not* archivists, but I'm pretty good at improvising, and once you've seen one card catalogue, you've seen them all.

I'll be standing behind the woman with the big gun...

*Yes, they're both me.
steviesun: T4steviesun on 16th January 2008 11:41 (UTC)
I know the difference between librarian and archivists, my fiance's sister is an archivist.

And since latin seems to be very important to some of the alien cultures we have to deal with, a classicist will be useful. And you'll be able to look after our library then? (door number 12 btw).
jadesfire2808: Writing - booksjadesfire on 16th January 2008 11:45 (UTC)
I have had great entertainment value out of letting someone call an archivist a librarian and then just standing well back. It's right up there with calling The Librarian by the 'M' word.

Library, not a problem. I've got special gloves in case the books bite and glasses for peering over and frowning at people.

Oh, and a filter mask because I was nearly suffocated by dust when I opened door no. 12. I know current practice is to clean the books as little as possible, but still. If anyone needs me, I'm the one with the hoover...