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11 April 2008 @ 10:36
Mission Update  
Okay folks, I think we all had enough time to get acquainted with the layout of our Hub, it's time we took some action protecting the planet and all that what we get paid for... we do get paid, don't we?

While sifting through our little freak show (aka the Alien Zoo), I noticed that one of the cells was empty. Now, I think it was occupied until recently, and that whatever was in there escaped through the main door while we weren't looking. So we have a possible dangerous (it wouldn't be in the Zoo if it was harmless) creature on the loose, and we need to get it back before all hell breaks loose.

Ideas? Suggestions?
xwingace: sciencexwingace on 11th April 2008 09:56 (UTC)
You mean I could be making money off this?

...So that's what ate those alien 'cookies'. In which case, it's smart enough to open locked doors*, because I had them in a locker in my lab. It must have a good enough sense of smell to tell apart food from chemicals, to, because all the other cabinets were left alone. Although I did find it weird my acetone bottle was empty. I thought I'd filled it the night before.


*No, I dídn't leave the key in. I left it on the benchtop..
steviesun: T4steviesun on 16th May 2008 14:00 (UTC)
I hear that sightings of beasts on dartmoor are up over the last couple of night so it could be here in Devon. There was also a report of a solitary little alien thing up on Hound Tor that I found last week. Hang on a minute, it's dated back to the 70s.

So who's my field team? Because this Captain is ready for a fieldtrip.

Captain StevieSun
Dunedune_drd on 18th May 2008 19:16 (UTC)
I recently aquired an artefact that should be able to trace energy signatures and time disruptions. The things you find on eBay...