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30 January 2008 @ 17:10

So, with the lab back in order I've been able to run some analyses on those boxes of apparently biscuits found during the cleanup of general storage.

Of 8 boxes:

4 really were of alien origin. I've kept them in the lab for now under lock and key, 'till we know what to do with them.

3 would have been normal, edible cookies... six years ago. You don't really want to know what they look like now. But if your curiousity is insatiable, they're next to door 24, for when Kraki next needs feeding.

And the last one... *munch*... ahh, actually, never mind. I'll bring a new box sometime.

And the 'cooking oil' issue (which was formaldehyde plus something else)... I'm now actually thinking that the contaminants might be some sort of body fluid of the alien stored in it. Biologists, any ideas?

I'd still like some assistance with the paperwork for the disposal of the picric acid, too.
Dunedune_drd on 30th January 2008 16:30 (UTC)
Unfortunaley, organic tissue that hasn't been prepared properly (i.e. with great care and lots of time) tends to dissolve into mush in formaldehyde or ethanol. So there goes that specimen in the can. I could run some tests, but I doubt the thing was meant for the archives, maybe someone simply shoved it still alive into the can to prove a point/get rido of it. I'll take it to the incinerator.

As for the cookies... *munch* yes, these are fine. Can I have the box with the er, slightly degraded ones? I've an alien machine (slightly smaller than a microwave) down in the lab and I want to try out if it is indeed a temporal reverser for food...
xwingace: sciencexwingace on 30th January 2008 16:35 (UTC)
Okay. At least we're rid of that, then.

I left the 'degraded' cookies next to door 24. Help yourself. But I'd suggest wearing some protection...