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21 January 2008 @ 20:53
Assignment Brief  
December 2006 it was picked up that there was some odd rift activity in the Cardiff area. It would appear that humans passed through the rift at this time.

And over the last few months we've pick up some similar reports again (thanks to whoever put together that report and put in on my desk). I'm beginning to think that this might be something to worry about. If humans are passing through the rift it would suggest that it's getting stronger, and also humans are slightly harder to hide than the odd weevil and the kind of stuff that we deal with, so I'm wondering if anyone could hack into Torchwood 3's computers and see how they're handling this.

I think I've finished working on that alien in the cooking oil drum and would like to hand it over to the proper scientists. There wasn't much I could tell, but I've made some notes and added them to the alien database. My suggestions now would be to run the normal tests and add the results to its file. And then I'm sure there's someone round here who can find some archive space.

I'm hoping in the next 48 hours to post a list of all known rooms and the doors they're behind. In the mean time, never forget to carry your key to the front door. And whoever has been encouraging the tiny horse-like creatures with fangs in the zoo to fight - get back to work. if you don't have any work to do here, I'm sure your family and friends have been missing you. Or maybe your other bosses.

-- Captain Steviesun
Smitty: animated TWaeshna_uk on 21st January 2008 21:41 (UTC)
You know, we could just pick up the phone and call Torchwood 3. Or email. Or text. Or something. It's likely to piss them off a lot less and then we can pool information. Last time I checked we were all working for the same organisation.... ;)

Yeah, oil drums are never fun with biological specimens, though this one is at least better than the unfortunate incident with the canned whale blubber that hot summer*. I'll see what I can do with it.

Research suggests that fighting in an important and integral part of the native social structure of the little bitey horsie things, so I've been letting them get on with it. No fatalities or serious injuries and they seem a lot happier for the chance to let rip. No more pacing for a start. I'm trying to work out the significance and whether it can give us an idea of their communication methods. I'd appreciate it if they were left to it until I've completed the study.

(* The whale blubber incident was sadly real. It's amazing how desperate the local council was to not let us know how to get rid of it. Also amazing just what you can get into a wheelie bin after two weeks of having to smell rancid whale blubber....)
steviesun: T4steviesun on 22nd January 2008 12:35 (UTC)
You know, we could just pick up the phone and call Torchwood 3. Or email. Or text. Or something. It's likely to piss them off a lot less and then we can pool information. Last time I checked we were all working for the same organisation.... ;)

That would kind of ruin the whole "so secret even the rest of torchwood think we no longer exist" thing. Sadly. Hence the hacking.

And the problem with the horse-like creatures is that I found evidence that people were placing bets and encouraging them to fight. I'm all for letting them express natural behaviour, but encouraging them to fight, and to do so for money, just ins't right. I'm not asking who it was, just saying please don't.

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Smitty: Doctor who?aeshna_uk on 22nd January 2008 14:44 (UTC)
In that case I'd suggest leaving off the hacking and leaving that particular Rift to TW3 - their techie isn't dumb and their boss is more than a little bit trigger happy. ;) Would hate for us to end up a) exposed and/or b) dead.

(still think we should just call and let them know we're here, though - the reunion party would be great and I wouldn't mind swapping, er, notes with their biological specialist! ;D)

Don't worry, the little bitey horsie things (hereafter known as the LBHTs) don't really need any encouragement to fight and if folks can have fun observing their natural behaviour, where's the harm in staking a bit of beer money? It's certainly encouraging observation (via webcam) by those who might otherwise avoid that sort of thing, which means less dull work for those of us with better things to be doing. Some of the LBHT fighting seems to be courtship behaviour on closer inspection - on that basis, I'm thinking of naming them for various members of TWs 1 and 3....
xwingace: sinfestxwingace on 21st January 2008 21:49 (UTC)
Look, I don't know who labelled that drum as 'cooking oil', but it definitely wasn't (don't ask me about the alien; I'm the chemist, not the biologist), It's not just formaldehyde, either. There's something else in there too. Only I can't determine just what because someone let the coolant on the NMR machine run out. You'd think that with all this alien tech we'd have some room-temperature superconductors somewhere, but apparently not. That needs to be fixed. Was there a technician around here somewhere or will I have to look into an analytical instruments maintenance manual myself?

While we're on the subject, I'm sure I came across a chemical lab too, somewhere, but I can't find it again. I've been working in the biolab (Eh, room 5, was it? I need to get a better head for numbers. It's *points* that one) for now, but I don't think the biologists appreciated it when I used their sterile glassware...

Smitty: animated TWaeshna_uk on 21st January 2008 22:11 (UTC)
but I don't think the biologists appreciated it when I used their sterile glassware...

Just so long as you wash and autoclave it all once you're done with it.... ;)
xwingace: sinfestxwingace on 21st January 2008 22:17 (UTC)
*autoclave*. I knew I'd forgotten something. Look, this isn't something I usually have to do, you know. Washing and then rinsing with aceton or abs. ethanol usually suffices.

Hey, but I think I found the chemlab again. Room 6! Or was it 9? No! 19! Aargh, where is it? Those donuts look way too tasty, I want to run some tests!

steviesun: T4steviesun on 22nd January 2008 12:37 (UTC)
Room 6. Don't worry, the big numbers on the doors are confusing, mostly because they;re not always in order.

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twincityhacker: Pocketsmsp_hacker on 21st January 2008 23:42 (UTC)
Don't look at me either - I found it with the "cooking oil" label.

I think either some employee before me either really wanted to poison their colleges or they threw the specimen in the drum to smuggle it in/out of a country before the base became detached from space-time.
xwingace: sinfestxwingace on 22nd January 2008 00:14 (UTC)
It'll remain a mystery for a while, I guess.

I've found the chemlab, though. Can't remember the room number, but I know how to get there, so that's okay. Looks like I'll have to clean up in there, too. It seems to have been abandoned a while ago, but nobody thought to remove the chemicals. Who knows what happened in there while the fridges were shut down. Best proceed with caution. You had environment suits somewhere, didn't you? Anything explosion-proof, too?

Archivist, there doesn't happen to be an inventory of chemicals lying around somewhere, is there?
twincityhacker: Pocketsmsp_hacker on 22nd January 2008 00:50 (UTC)
Environmental suits are behind door 18. I did a few quick flame and cut tests on one, and it holds up well. I'm not sure what would happen with a massive explosion, as I 'm not sure the amount of protection from the shock wave you would get.

steviesun: T4steviesun on 22nd January 2008 12:38 (UTC)
Talk to flipbfc or glinda_penguin about getting the fridges running again. In the mean time I don't think we're using the one out here for anything but milk.

Edited at 2008-01-22 12:39 (UTC)
xwingacexwingace on 22nd January 2008 13:27 (UTC)
And we'll continue to do so, as far as I'm concerned. I still don't know exactly what we've got as far as chemicals go, but in general principle a good deal of it is toxic and looks like water. Or sugar. Don't want someone grabbing the wrong bottle by accident or spooning cyanide into their coffee. Really not.

The fridges actually look pretty okay, from behind a faceplate. It's just that someone pulled the plugs. But I'm not plugging them back in until I've a) emptied them, and b) yes, have someone check them over. But before I let anyone in here without an environment suit I need to clean stuff up.

Wish me luck.

jadesfire2808: Writing - booksjadesfire on 22nd January 2008 13:31 (UTC)
[I'm standing in as the archivst for now - they get miffed when librarians do their jobs, but until we get one...]

I had a rootle through the old inventories, but the most recent I can find is at least twenty years old. While fascinating in its own way, I'm not sure it's going to be of much use to you. For now, your best bet is to probably ignore what's on the shelves and order in new.

Oh, and you might want to watch out for some of the old jars. Someone twenty years ago apparently thought it would be fun to order in "Dragon's Blood." Normally I'd think it was a practical joke, but since this is Torchwood...

xwingace: sinfestxwingace on 22nd January 2008 13:41 (UTC)
I was going to order everything in new anyway. As soon as I can figure out how. But I can't just ignore what's on the shelves, I'll have to dispose of it. And if I knew what was on them, I'd know how to do that.

Dragon's Blood. Hmm. Might actually really be a practical joke." I'll run some tests if I come across the bottle. In any case, it doesn't really have any business being in the chemical laboratory. In the med bay, maybe, or else the bio lab. If they want it.

Hooookay. Back into the environment suit and let's see what I can find in there. Wish me luck.