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16 January 2008 @ 15:37
Door 18 is office supplies. It's also seemed to have migrated into "general storage" as well, and the biohazard suites and safety equipment are just inside the door.

I've also seemed to have found preserved alien remains in the office storeroom. I think it's a Martain, but I can only say positively that it's big, bloby, and preserved in formaldehyde which has bleached the being white. If a biologist or someone knowing about alien philology could pick it up, I'd be grateful. It's in the oil drum marked "Cooking Oil."

On top of the drum, there's also a smaller box marked "Crackers" that you should probably take as well. There's a skeleton of a rodent with far too many legs in it.

Due to fact I'm not sure whether the spidery-mouse thing got into the box itself or was placed there, I'm going out to purchase live-traps. It's unlikely we have an infestation as the sack of (possibly alien) flour I found earlier didn't have any nibble marks.
steviesun: T4steviesun on 17th January 2008 13:09 (UTC)
Don't remove the alien until we've got something set up to maintain conditions. Decomposition can be quite quick if conditions are too damp. I'll umm, sort something out. I'll need to give it a look after with the biologists, falls into the relms of archaeology here.
twincityhacker: Cheesemakingmsp_hacker on 18th January 2008 15:54 (UTC)
No problem. I've sealed the drum back up again, air tight. And shoved the thing inside a firmly locked bigger container. Still says "Cooking Oil" on the outside, though.