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11 April 2008 @ 10:36
Okay folks, I think we all had enough time to get acquainted with the layout of our Hub, it's time we took some action protecting the planet and all that what we get paid for... we do get paid, don't we?

While sifting through our little freak show (aka the Alien Zoo), I noticed that one of the cells was empty. Now, I think it was occupied until recently, and that whatever was in there escaped through the main door while we weren't looking. So we have a possible dangerous (it wouldn't be in the Zoo if it was harmless) creature on the loose, and we need to get it back before all hell breaks loose.

Ideas? Suggestions?
07 February 2008 @ 15:24
I found a copy of this book in one of the drawers of my desk. It's making me think that maybe there's a couple of doors around here that would allowed us to move in time as well as the "normal" doors that let us move between spaces. The front cover is in english, but then I opened the book and everything inside was in code. If it's the Harper in Torchwood 3 (hence the time door theory) then I'm thinking that maybe he got Sato to translate it all into an alien language so he could write it all up without someone reading it/understanding it. 

Thing is that I need someone to go through and translate it. I've got some of the reports that TW3 have written and I'm thinking that maybe we can cross reference them with the book. I'd rather take that approach then start playing around with some of the other doors (I found some notes that helps back up my theory, but it suggests that we need to be more certain before we go looking through some of the higher numbered doors). 

This project is going to need some language people and some scientists, so any volunteers?
30 January 2008 @ 17:10

So, with the lab back in order I've been able to run some analyses on those boxes of apparently biscuits found during the cleanup of general storage.

Of 8 boxes:

4 really were of alien origin. I've kept them in the lab for now under lock and key, 'till we know what to do with them.

3 would have been normal, edible cookies... six years ago. You don't really want to know what they look like now. But if your curiousity is insatiable, they're next to door 24, for when Kraki next needs feeding.

And the last one... *munch*... ahh, actually, never mind. I'll bring a new box sometime.

And the 'cooking oil' issue (which was formaldehyde plus something else)... I'm now actually thinking that the contaminants might be some sort of body fluid of the alien stored in it. Biologists, any ideas?

I'd still like some assistance with the paperwork for the disposal of the picric acid, too.
27 January 2008 @ 15:19
Just to let you all know, please don't discuss any classified material in front of that flock of pigeons roaming the corridors... I think they're evil. Well, at least I think they're a bit too smart for a bird with a brain the size of a peanut, did you see how they raided the breakfast cereals? I think some sort of alien machinery or virus gave them a hive mind, as they're all more or less acting like a single organism... just don't trust them, okay?

How's the work coming along?
22 January 2008 @ 15:04
Okay, first off, don't mind the smell. *That* is harmless and merely a side effect of my disposing of some unwanted chemicals.

No, really, don't mind the smell. With the ventilation here, it'll be gone in ten minutes.


That bottle of picric acid on the inventory from twenty years ago? Is still there. It's been pretty well stored, thank heaven, but it's dried out. I've put the whole bottle in icewater for now, but I think it needs to be disposed of. Do we have somewhere to dispose of high explosives?

21 January 2008 @ 20:53
December 2006 it was picked up that there was some odd rift activity in the Cardiff area. It would appear that humans passed through the rift at this time.

And over the last few months we've pick up some similar reports again (thanks to whoever put together that report and put in on my desk). I'm beginning to think that this might be something to worry about. If humans are passing through the rift it would suggest that it's getting stronger, and also humans are slightly harder to hide than the odd weevil and the kind of stuff that we deal with, so I'm wondering if anyone could hack into Torchwood 3's computers and see how they're handling this.

I think I've finished working on that alien in the cooking oil drum and would like to hand it over to the proper scientists. There wasn't much I could tell, but I've made some notes and added them to the alien database. My suggestions now would be to run the normal tests and add the results to its file. And then I'm sure there's someone round here who can find some archive space.

I'm hoping in the next 48 hours to post a list of all known rooms and the doors they're behind. In the mean time, never forget to carry your key to the front door. And whoever has been encouraging the tiny horse-like creatures with fangs in the zoo to fight - get back to work. if you don't have any work to do here, I'm sure your family and friends have been missing you. Or maybe your other bosses.

-- Captain Steviesun
16 January 2008 @ 15:37
Door 18 is office supplies. It's also seemed to have migrated into "general storage" as well, and the biohazard suites and safety equipment are just inside the door.

I've also seemed to have found preserved alien remains in the office storeroom. I think it's a Martain, but I can only say positively that it's big, bloby, and preserved in formaldehyde which has bleached the being white. If a biologist or someone knowing about alien philology could pick it up, I'd be grateful. It's in the oil drum marked "Cooking Oil."

On top of the drum, there's also a smaller box marked "Crackers" that you should probably take as well. There's a skeleton of a rodent with far too many legs in it.

Due to fact I'm not sure whether the spidery-mouse thing got into the box itself or was placed there, I'm going out to purchase live-traps. It's unlikely we have an infestation as the sack of (possibly alien) flour I found earlier didn't have any nibble marks.
16 January 2008 @ 19:02
*slams door shut*

*puts safety goggles off*

Phew. Oh err, hello there! Don't open Door 24. Well, don't open it unless you're into tentacles A lot of tentacles, and if you are, please don't tell me. Good news is, the thing inside seems to feed on food leftovers, just like earthworms. So throw some biodegradable trash in there once in a while and we'll just forget about Door 24, okay?

So, you got the official remit from the Captain, time to go to work! General layout of the Hub for the newbies among you: As you might've guessed by now the Hub is unstuck in space/time, which is why you all got those nifty keys when you were hired. Use those to unlock any door and you'll arrive in the Hub through Door 1, that's the one down there with the red, big threatening One on it. *points* It's also our only escape route, don't tell the fire department.

There's a kitchen around here somewhere, as well as stairs to the basement, a greenhouse (don't ask me where that light's coming from, the last guy who went to find out never returned) and my lab, but I tend to forget where that is, so don't be too surprised to find me wandering the corridors looking for coffee.

If you can ever figure out the layout of the basement please draw me some sort of map? I have a feeling things shift around down there ever since the old railway to the other Torchwood Hubs was torn out of the universe... I'm still trying to figure out how that happened, but I'm quite bad when it comes to physics. So go and knock yourself out if you want to, I'm going to find some coffee now.
15 January 2008 @ 18:35
Subject to clearance by our lovely lovely mod.

Torchwood 4 aims and objectives:
  • To get to contact sites or crash sites before other organisations. In some cases this will include other Torchwood teams.
  • To research alien cultures and technologies through study of their physical remains. This includes artefacts and aliens themselves.
  • This research is for the good of the UK, and where appropriate other countries
  • This research will be used to further our own technology and for the defense of the UK and the world from any potential alien threat.
  • Our final aim is to gain an interview with the alien "Time Lord" known as "The Doctor".

Our aims do not include eliminating alien threats. Where appropriate details will be left anonymously with Torchwood 3 or UNIT so that they can deal with any threat. Our aims are purely research based.

To this end, we welcome applications from anyone whose background will aid in furthering our aims and objectives. So far this includes a biologist, an archaeologist and an aerodynamicist. Which other skills am I adding to the list?

- Captain StevieSun
15 January 2008 @ 17:58
Want to work for a really secret organization? Please hand in a full CV, previous professional experience and a good reason why we should hire you.

Welcome to Torchwood IV.